All chewed up..

Our Ospreys have reached a plateau in their energy requirements this past week, as the highly exhausting laying is over, and the chicks have not yet hatched demanding to be fed.. so maya and 33 have been taking it easy, which is why you might not have seen them fishing or bringing back food parcels to the nest in recent weeks. 33 fishes for Maya when she begs for food, usually when she is laying eggs. Please don’t think we’re judging 33 for offering less than romantic gestures to Maya, he is still a brilliant dad, but this half eaten scrap of unidentifiable fish really was a bit of a ‘petrol station flowers’ afterthought! Needless to say they’ll both start upping their game once the chicks hatch… place your bets on hatching dates amongst yourselves…!

3 responses to “All chewed up..”

  1. John Matthews

    I think the chicks will Hatch
    8th May 12th May 15th May and 19th May

  2. Betsy Innes

    1st baby on the 21st May

  3. Bill Hunt

    Well, after all the waiting I finally got to see all 4 eggs live today as 33 took over brooding. my guess is the first egg will hatch on Wednesday of next week. Can’t wait to see this years first chick!