All eyes on 33

What a glorious start to the week it has been at Lyndon! The weather has been beautiful and our osprey family have been taking it easy in the bay. Late yesterday afternoon, 33 arrived with a fish. Instead of bringing it directly to the nest he landed briefly on the perch above the camera and for a moment all eyes were on him!

Watching the fish arrive

Watching the fish arrive

A minute or so later he brought it to the nest, and for once 2AM was the one to get to it first (despite 2AN having a go).

25 minutes later, 2AN seemed to have grown tired of watching 2AM eating and snatched the fish from his talons.

When she’d finally had enough, Maya came to the nest and fed 2AM a little more. In contrast to 2AN, who has been independent for a while now, 2AM is still happy to be fed by Maya when the opportunity presents itself.

This morning the first fish of the day came in at 05.27. Maya took the fish initially to a perch nearby, and had a quick meal before returning it to the nest 10 minutes later.

Roach 05.27
2AN and 2AM then both got their share, respecitvely!

There was an intruding osprey in the area at around half 7 this morning, and 33 returned to defend the nest. There have been another couple of very brief intrusions as the day has gone one, bringing 33 to the nest for no longer than a few seconds.

Other than that it has been a very quiet day on the nest, with the only other bit of action being when 33 brought a stick in at around twenty past ten this morning.

We don’t know what is going on just out of view of course – our ospreys could be having a very busy day!