All for a good cause

IEPUK director George Peach is off on another challenging exercise in order to raise money for two worthy charities. This time it’s the Rat Race – 20 miles and over 200 obstacles – read George’s story to find out more.

With the bruises and aches from the 14 mile course titled “The Suffering” fading away and just the memory of enjoyment remaining in little over 3 weeks (from date or writing) it will be 7 May and time to take part in The Rat Race. This is a huge 20+ mile course including over 200 obstacles.

I will be taking part with over 7000 others who, for this race, are known as “muckers” or to give the full title “filthy muckers”. The race is broken down in to over 20 “waves” each starting 15 minutes apart. I’m in wave 6 which will be starting at 9:15, registration opens the afternoon before so I’ll be able to arrive around 8, find where I need to be for the start, grab a mug of tea and something to eat then, find somewhere to keep a dry bang with a towel and change of clothes before finally handing over my phone and car keys (for safe keeping).

Here are a couple of the obstacles that they have announced for this year…

For starters, one that does not seem too bad, this is called The Pendulum:

This one is High Net Worth and they say appears after 19.5 miles so is one of the last:
This next one, called simply The Pit, is one I’m really not looking forward to. I’m not sure at what distance it appears but it looks dreadful!
This is just an example of 3 of the 200+ obstacles I’ll be facing! Lets also not forget that they have monkey bars… they claim “the worlds longest monkey bars”… these are just over a mile long (1.6km)!

I’m taking part in this one for two charities, one is The Rutland Osprey Project and their work to promote better education in The Gambia and the other is Children with Cancer UK.

All and any donations are gratefully received and any messages of support on our Facebook page would be fantastic to read!!

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  1. David

    You must be crazy!
    Good luck…..