All together now

It’s been a fairly quiet day for our ospreys, apart from one intrusion by two ospreys at the same time! Mostly the birds have been relaxing on the nest, and several times all four birds were on the nest together which is always lovely to see.

All together

All together

Snoozing on the nest

Snoozing on the nest


There has also been some more wing flapping from the older chick today. Well, a bit of flapping and a bit of falling over! The balance isn’t quite there yet, but it’s very early days, there is plenty of time for the chicks to become proficient in their wing exercising.

More flapping

Here is a video of the unrest on the nest today. It was around 10:30 and both Maya and 33 were getting very upset, and you know there’s trouble if Maya is worried! Two ospreys, neither of which came close enough to identify, were flying around the bay together for a good few minutes. A couple of times the birds can be seen on the wide angle camera view. Eventually both ospreys disappeared without having to be chased off. It’s possible they weren’t interested in the Manton Bay nest at all, and were just messing around with each other on their way through.

Intruder caught on camera

Intruder caught on camera


33 brought in yet another silly stick today! This one was bent practically at a right angle, and he had quite a struggle to get it placed. One of the chicks tried to help him, but it was no use, that stick was too tricky!

Here is a great clip of one of the chicks defecating! It may seem uncouth but I do like it when they do this, as they’re so good at aiming and firing over the side of the nest, so as not to soil their immediate environment. It’s completely understandable, too, as they have to spend all day in that nest and don’t want it getting messy. The smell isn’t such a problem, as I’m sure there is always a lingering whiff of fish in the nest, but luckily for them, ospreys and most other birds don’t have a very good sense of smell.

Yesterday evening 33 followed his recent pattern of bringing in a late trout. This one was another nice big one, and was delivered at 20:46. Maya fed the chicks with it, but it was so big it was once again left on the nest overnight.


And finally, here is a fish from today, an enormous fresh roach at exactly 16:00.





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  1. christine haines

    Lovely Cam shots of Maya and 33 again feeding chicks, well done, and they are growing and doing so well.