Almost Tea Time

Just as we were all starting to think about what we might have for our dinner, 5R flew past the front of the Lyndon Visitor Centre this afternoon carrying a large Trout.

As soon as he arrived back in Manton Bay the female in the nest started food begging. 5R has taken his catch to the nearby perch and is precariously balancing the Trout on there, fingers crossed he will manage to keep hold of it and take her some soon.

We have had the second delivery of Ozzie’s Migration, a book which tells the story of one Osprey’s migration from Rutland Water to The Gambia, written by Ken Davies and illustrated by John Wright.
The book has already been used as a tool for teaching children about the migration in schools in Rutland and The Gambia. You can pick up a copy for £5 at Lyndon or Egleton.