Alone in a very cold Manton Bay

As you will have noticed if you have been watching the webcam, the Manton Bay nest must be one of the most exposed places at the reservoir and the female has been hunkered low in the nest since her return on Thursday; doing her best to shelter from the ferocious wind. Like 03 at Site B, she seems to be coping well: you may well have seen her tucking into one of several large trout that she’s caught since her return.

Temperatures are forecast to remain close to freezing all week and the wind, too, shows no sign of letting up. Ospreys are such powerful migrators though, that we expect more birds to return over the next few days. Let’s hope one of them is 5R(04).

Here are a selection of John Wright’s latest photos and illustrations of the female’s past few days in the bay.

The female has been hassled by Great Black-backed Gulls each time she’s brought fish back to the nest.

The gulls have done their best to steal each of the female’s hard-earned catches

A wintry-looking view of Shallow Water hide

John Wright is able to identify the Manton Bay female by her unique head pattern