Alone on the nest

If you’ve been watching the Manton Bay webcam today, you’ll know that both S1 and S2 have been doing a great deal of flying. Both birds have been enjoying their new-found freedom, making numerous short flights around Manton Bay. S1 even dragged its talons along the water’s surface at one point. Over the coming days and weeks they’ll spend an increasing amount of time away from the nest; but always return for fish. Yesterday volunteer David Cole spent the day filming the two youngsters as they got the hang of life in the air. Here’s some of the highlights – thank you, David.

Having been first to fledge S1 has established herself as the dominant chick and she demonstrated this when Maya delivered a pike to this morning. Watch how quickly the youngster is to grab the fish once she’d landed on the nest!

The fact that it was Maya who brought the fish, is notable in itself. This is the first fish she’s caught this season and suggests that more are likely to follow over the coming weeks. Now that two of her youngsters have fledged, she is able to leave them their own devices. That said, she didn’t need to go far for this fish; she simply dropped off the T perch adjacent to the nest!

Perhaps inspired by the exploits of her siblings – and the fact that she is left alone on the nest – S3 has been doing much more helicoptering today. We’re sure it is only a matter of time before she too, leaves the nest.

S3 alone on the nest

S3 alone on the nest

They might be getting more and more adventurous on the wing, but both S1 and S2 have been returning to the nest at regular intervals. Landing is often the most difficult aspect of life for a newly-fledged Osprey, but as this video shows, S1 seems to be getting the hang of it.

By mid-afternoon all three chicks were back on the nest together. They settled down for a siesta.

Sleeping chicks 2

Half an hour later 33 returned with a fish and Maya fed the youngsters; and this time S1 lined up with her siblings to be fed.

The chicks are certainly making for wonderful viewing at the moment. So if you’re free this weekend, why not come and visit us at Lyndon?

2 responses to “Alone on the nest”

  1. Jana

    This is marvellous stuff , unique, , am disabled , nearly 90, and this is greatest thrill to watch after life spent in pursuit of nature and all things of the outdoors . Thank you for your dedication and camerawork is superb . J W

  2. Lin

    In total agreement with you Jana – wonderful footage (and blogs) – it brings ‘life’ back into our ‘homes and lives’ – just marvellous