Always take the weather with you

It was still a rather wet day today, although it was slightly brighter than yesterday! There were more breaks in the rain today, and the sun even tried to come out this afternoon! It was still pretty breezy though, so fishing was again difficult. The Manton Bay pair have had another fairly relaxed day of not doing all that much, but their presence in the Bay has provided visitors with wonderful views of them!

Now, the weather forecast is better for tomorrow and the weekend, but there’s no knowing how that might change. It is a shame that it has been so wet during half-term week. It is true that the weather has a big impact on what we do and how much we enjoy it, but we shouldn’t let it! We should embrace the weather for what it is and do what we want to do regardless! A great number of people who visited the Lyndon Centre and Nature Reserve today got very wet, but were still smiling, and told me that it was all worth it and that they’d had a really enjoyable time.

Here’s to getting soaking wet but still being happy!

Maya and 33(11) on a rare visit to the nest today

Maya and 33(11) on a rare visit to the nest today




One response to “Always take the weather with you”

  1. Dolly Cox

    Always good to hear what the Manton Bay pair are up to … hopefully they are well bonded by now. Thank you