Ambassadors Warm-up!

Osprey (S.Box)






We saw the Ospreys in Gambia and Senegal in January!

They will soon be starting on their long flights back to their

nesting places in Europe, including of course here

at Rutland Water!


We will be ready for them!


All Osprey Ambassadors (with a supervising adult) are invited to our World Osprey Week “Warm-up” on Saturday March 25th 2017. World Osprey Week itself starts on Monday March 27th.

Venue :

The new Volunteer Training Centre is located off the Hambleton Road.    Post-code LE15 8AD.

Turn right off the Hambleton Road onto the gravel track to the VTC.

Look for coloured balloons at the turn!


The large car park is 100 metres on the left along the track.

There are more detailed directions and a map at…

Refreshments and Facilities at the VTC:

Cakes and drinks will be provided for all attending during the morning.    Toilets are located in the building.

Times :

10.30am until 12 midday.


What will be happening on the day

Ken, Jackie & Pete will give everyone the latest winter osprey news and outline our plans for the Osprey 2017 season.  This includes our new Osprey Ambassadors Club, and an exciting Osprey Film Competition!

There will be some activities and all Ambassadors will be provided with a “goody bag” (free of charge), which includes…

  1. A memory stick ready loaded with a PowerPoint presentation which we hope the Ambassadors will be able to show in their schools.


  1. An Osprey Club Membership Card


  1. Osprey Club dates and details.


  1. Gambia information for display in classrooms.


Booking your place(s) for Saturday 25th March


Please let us know the names of the ambassadors attending, their school, and your contact details

to Jackie Murray (Education Officer)  Tel; 01780 410078         e-mail;



  Jackie, Pete and Ken,  Osprey Education Officers, Rutland Osprey Project