An early morning feed

5R must have caught a fish very early this morning because there was already one in the nest when volunteer Moira Carnie arrived at 6am. Since then the female has fed the chick every half hour or so. It’s amazing how much stronger the youngster looks today; last night it had real difficulty moving around the nest, but as this video shows its much more mobile already today – and enjoyed a good feed from Mum!

3 responses to “An early morning feed”

  1. Wendy Cox

    Watched this morning at 6 am. accompanied by my grandchildren in Sydney who were thrilled to see the chick being fed! Please can you tell us why the male brings bunches of leaves to the nest, he did so yesterday and again today – are they a bunch of flowers for his mate?!

    1. Tim

      Hi Wendy, great to hear you’re enjoying watching from the other side of the world! The leaves are nest-lining – although I prefer your explanation!
      Best wishes,

  2. Wendy Cox

    Hi Tim – I did not make it clear – I am in Rutland and my grandchildren are in Sydney and we watch together on Skype! Thank you for the explanation!