An empty bay – but not for long

If you visited Lyndon this morning, you could have been forgiven for thinking the two chicks at the Manton Bay nest had migrated. Having watched her brother head off south at 9:40am, 9F left the nest, slowly gained height and then drifted off west. Soon afterwards the adults both landed on the nest. Perhaps they were thinking the same as us?

All of a sudden the bay was quiet – there was no food begging. The peace didn’t last long, though. A chip from 5R signalled the arrival of an intruding Osprey. It was 11(10), the young two year-old male who first returned to Rutland in early June. 5R immediately left the nest and chased him off. Even at this late stage in the season, he wanted to show the young male who was boss. The two birds disappeared and 5R didn’t return for several hours. A while later the female headed off, too. For the first time in five months there were no Ospreys in the bay.

11(10) photographed by John Wright at Site B a few days ago

One by one, though, the family returned. First the female, then 5R and then, a couple of hours later, the two juveniles. 9F immediately landed on the nest and began food-begging again. She’s obviously not ready to go just yet!