An exciting return!

Last year we were extremely fortunate to see many young Ospreys return to Rutland for the very first time. As the season progressed we saw five of the twelve chicks that had fledged from nests in 2010, with another being spotted in East Sussex. The last of these two year-old birds to return in 2012 was 25(10) on June 28th.

25(10) June 28th 2012


Field Officer John Wright spotted a new Osprey on Monday April 1st and was 98{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58} sure about who it was. He was able to confirm her identify when she flew over the Manton Bay nest this morning. The young female, 25(10) had returned! She fledged from Site O in 2010 and is the daughter of our well-known male AW, for more information about AW click here. The fact that 25 is back so early this year shows that she, like 00(09) who returned on March 18th, is ready to start breeding – a very encouraging sign for the future of the Rutland population.