An interesting visitor

Those of you who follow the Dyfi Osprey Project will know that they had some excitement recently, as one of their chicks from 2013 returned to Wales – the first one to do so! It was 2R(13), known as Clarach. This means, of course, that she is the daughter of 12(10) – Glesni – who originated from Rutland. She was seen for the first time back in the UK in early May, and paid a visit to the Glaslyn nest. Click here to read the blog about her return.

On Tuesday, we mentioned in our update that there had been an intruder in Manton Bay. Below is the video that we posted.

We now know who the intruder was – Clarach! The bird’s identity was questioned by Emyr Evans of the Dyfi Osprey Project, who noticed in our video a distinctive gap in the wing feathers that looked familiar… His thoughts were confirmed when some photographs were taken in which the ring could be read, showing it to be 2R. Click here for more information.

Clarach was chased off the Manton Bay nest by 33, but hopes are high that she will remain in the area, find one of our many non-breeding males, and perhaps return to breed here next season! It’s only fair that we should have a female from Wales breeding here, as so many of ours have gone there!

In Manton Bay, thankfully the rain passed through and today has been lovely! The chicks are thriving on the plentiful food 33 is bringing – he delivered at least three fish today, and each chick has been fed several times.

Food (1)Dad and chicks


3 responses to “An interesting visitor”

  1. Nic turford

    Is site B still vacant? Maybe she could set up and become the new matriarch. ?

  2. Dolly

    All wonderful news, thank you! I hope Clarach stays too to find a male….

  3. mary evans

    Many congratulations on your chicks. I hope that Clarach has approved your site for potential breeding. Between us all, we hope that this year’s young returnees can find mates next year.