An unappetising dinner & a new visitor!

This afternoon we got a call from the hide to say that the Manton Bay female had just bought in a fish which she had picked up in front of Shallow Water hide. On closer inspection from the webcam it appeared that the fish she bought in was already dead, and she had opportunistically plucked it from the surface of the water as she flew over, rather than actually go out fishing. In this clip she had just bought it in and 9F(12), the young female, has taken it from her and begun eating.

After about an hour of perseverance 9F(12) had only eaten about half the head as she tried to tear pieces off with little success. Eventually the Manton Bay female returned to the nest and the two young Ospreys decided they weren’t too big to be fed by Mum, who made much lighter work of it!

You’ll be pleased to hear that 5R(04) has continued to let his daughter, 9F(12), happily fly around today without trying to chase her off or behave aggressively towards her. Phew!

We’ve got some other exciting news this week.
You may remember the young 2 year old female 12(10) who was seen in Dyfi on 21st May for the first time; well she is now in Rutland! We’ve been waiting for a photo so we could positively identify her and now Tim’s seen them we can confirm that at 5pm on Monday she was seen in Manton Bay. Thank you Monica & Tony for spotting her and letting us know. Having been seen in Dyfi on and off since the first sighting on 21st May we have been wondering (with our fingers crossed) when we might see her.
We’ll pop the pictures on the website over the next few days.