An uninvited guest!

All eyes have been glued to the nest camera today as we wait for a third egg in Manton Bay and apart from bringing in a small roach this morning, the pair have mostly been busy with rearranging sticks. In previous years, 5R has been notoriously clumsy when there are eggs in the nest and today was no exception…

Once the daily dose of decorating had finished, the female resumed her incubating duties but it wasn’t long before both adults were on the nest mantling – a sure sign that another Osprey was around…

The uninvited guest was 30(05), a welcome sight as she’s not been seen for a few days, but that didn’t matter as she was quickly chased off by 5R and it wasn’t long before it was business as usual in Manton Bay.

One response to “An uninvited guest!”

  1. W Hurst

    In my first year of following your webcam I am loving watching the Manton Bay nest from the comfort of my own home and I regularly read the updates on the site. I understand that the Manton Bay female is not ringed so cannot be referred to by a ring number as are most of the other ospreys at Rutland Water but could you not give her a name, or does she have to be known by the impersonal ‘the Manton Bay female’ all her life? I suggest ‘Bonnie’, a Scottish girl’s name which would reflect her suspected origin.