And another one!

It’s been all systems go in Manton Bay today.

After a quiet, and very soggy, morning the visitors flocked over to the Lyndon Visitor Centre from Birdfair this afternoon. And they were in for a real treat!

5R has been well and truly back to his master fisherman ways and has caught at least 6 fish throughout the day.

After the first two were delivered swiftly to the nest this morning, 5R went on to keep the ball rolling for the rest of the day.

John was in Shallow Water this afternoon to watch him catch three more fish within 45 minutes of each other! The first, a roach, was delivered to the nest for 2J, having been caught right in front of the hides in Manton Bay, the second was a pike plucked out of the water in Lagoon 1 again taken to the nest and this time promptly claimed by 3J. The third was also caught in the bay in full view off those visiting Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides and was a small pike. After all his hard work 5R deservedly kept hold of this one for himself!

Later on in the afternoon another small roach arrived in the nest, before a Marsh Harrier intruded in Manton Bay. After a hard days work 5R left the Manton Bay female and the juveniles to fend off the unwanted visitor!

2 responses to “And another one!”

  1. Sharon

    Are the juveniles having any success catching fish yet? Or are they at least practicing? It is worrisome to picture them setting off south without dad or mum to feed them. Or does necessity somehow activate a fishing gene or force them to try seriously as they migrate? It’s a mystery to me…

    1. Tim

      Hi Sharon,

      The juvs are all practicing fishing, but its rare for one to catch a fish before they migrate. Once they’re on their own as they head south, instinct kicks in and they start fishing for themselves. That and their ability to navigate to Africa, never ceases to amaze me!

      Best wishes