And he’s off!

It has finally happened – 2AM has started his journey south! We are not certain when he left exactly, but he was last seen on the nest at 6.38 yesterday morning. Paul Stammers then saw him in a poplar tree behind the nest on yesterdays Birdfair Dawn Cruise sometime after 7am, and he is last recorded in our hide logbook at 7.15am by volunteer Chris, who wrote – ‘2AM leaves the bay… migrating?’.

2AM in his final moments on the nest

2AM in his final moments on the nest

2AM picked a brilliant day to set off as the weather was perfect yesterday, so hopefully his journey should be off to a strong start. Here are his final moments on the nest.

Here he is landing on the nest a few minutes earlier, the sun rising in the background and black headed gulls flying all around him – what a scene!

What a brilliant summer it has been watching our 2 chicks grow up, and how fortunate that 2AM hung around for all the visitors who came to visit Lyndon during BirdFair. Whilst this nest was the first out of our 8 breeding pairs to hatch chicks, 2AM has been one of the later leavers amongst the juvenile birds – hopefully all that hanging around on the nest eating fish means he will be in great travelling condition. As for 2AN – she could well be in West Africa by now! Let’s hope we see both our chicks again in 2 years time. For now, Maya and 33 remain in the bay and can still be seen most of the time from Waderscrape hide. 33 has spent some time on the nest since 2AM left, along with some other visitors!
Pied Wagtails

Pied Wagtails

Maya and 33 may well be here for a little while longer, as they need to make sure they are in great condition before they set off – if you haven’t been for a visit to Lyndon yet this season, now is the time!

5 responses to “And he’s off!”

  1. Angela Hall

    It’s been lovely watching the osprey family all summer. I’ll miss them but looking forward to next year!

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh.

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Sorry Holly! Must wake up before typing!!

    1. Julie Mayne

      God speed 2AM … safe journey. Here’s hoping 2AN has migrated successfully & we see them both back in 2 years. It’s been a privilege and a joy to have had such special glimpses into their world.

  4. Jenny Still

    Thanks for these great pictures. It’s amazing how quickly these birds grow and develop. I hope 2 AM improved on his fishing skills of a week ago – he didn’t look like he wanted to go anywhere! Great to see natural instinct kicked in. Fingers crossed for a safe journey.