And the winner is…

As you can imagine, we’ve all been a bit frantic. Neither Tim nor I were at Lyndon when the news broke: ‘She’s back!’

Manton Bay female bringing in a big stick, 2013

Manton Bay female bringing in a big stick, 2013

Of course, it was John who spotted her first! He has a sixth sense for these things. It was a tense few minutes as I dived to the nearest computer screen, and waited with baited breath for my first glimpse of our Manton Bay female. I knew that she’d been seen briefly on camera about ten o’clock, but had disappeared off to the dam to hunt for fishย – and can you blame her? The seconds ticked by, when suddenly, at 11:05, she was there! Her long flight seemed quite obvious – she seemed thinner and worn, but a few days and that’ll all change. We’re looking forward to seeing her sleek and healthy again, and waiting to see if 5R will return, too.

But before I go on too much (there’s a whole season for that) it’s time to announce the winner of our competition.

We asked you all to guess what day, to the nearest hour, we would see an Osprey back in Manton Bay. We all secretly hoped that it would be the female, and relief all around as she appeared. 142 people entered the competition, with dates ranging from 10th March all the way through to the beginning of April, and 15 people guessed the date! John first saw the female appear in the Bay just after 10:00 o’clock, where she made a brief apppearance on camera. This makes our winner…


With a guess of exactly 10:00am on the 17th March. He submitted his guess via Facebook on the 13th March.
If you’re reading this, Ron, congratulations!!

Well done to Sue Fallon, Janet Maughan and Stephanie James who were within the hour, too. We’ll be contacting Ron soon with details of how to collect his fabulous prize: 2 x tickets on a Rutland Belle Osprey Cruise and a signed copy of Tim Mackrill’s The Rutland Water Ospreys.

Now they’re back, we’re going to blogging loads more, getting ridiculously excited and continuing the story of our Rutland Water Ospreys. We hope that you’ll come on the journey with us over the summer, and get just as ridiculously excited as we do. We’ll have lots more interactive stuff, so don’t forget to join in on Facebook and Twitter, and comment underneath the blogs. What makes the Osprey a special bird is their ability to unite, excite and inspire people from around the world – and we want you to be part of that, too.

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  1. Janet Maughan

    Close, but no cigar, as the saying goes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to Ron!