And then there were three

Wow, what an exciting first post for me. Having just finished clearing up following the Dawn Chorus Walk & breakfast Michelle and I sat down in front of the screen to go through how to add posts onto the website and Facebook, and what a well timed lesson.

As we looked up the Manton Bay female was sat in the nest and was unsettled and shuffling around. We both thought ‘she looks like she’s up to something’. We knew the third egg should be due today so we kept glancing up convinced that when she moved we would see 3 eggs, and sure enough she didn’t disappoint. It was only a fleeting glimpse but we couldn’t (and didn’t) hide our excitement.

As 5R came back into the nest it was obvious that the female was preoccupied, she shoved him off and let us see the eggs. You could almost see the disappointment on his face that his job was now done for 2012.

So now the 5 week wait begins and we’ll all be kept busy monitoring the nest round the clock.

4 responses to “And then there were three”

  1. Cilla

    Fantastic news. Are there likely to be anymore eggs in the Manton Bay nest or is three the most a female Osprey lays. Fascinated watching the female constantly re-arranging the nest each time she comes back.

  2. Lorraine

    Great news about the third egg 🙂
    Talk about being in the right place at the right time how lucky were you Lizzie!

  3. karen elizabeth

    Wonderful news. 🙂

  4. Pam Birley.

    Good news indeed ! Of course it is possible that there may be a fourth egg.