And then there were two

As if 5R’s early arrival on Monday wasn’t enough of a surprise, now we have some even more exciting news. This afternoon 5R was joined at the Manton Bay nest by 00(09), a three year-old female who fledged from Site B  in 2009. She is incredibly early-arriving for such a young bird, but made her intentions clear from the off; within minutes of landing on the nest she was food-begging! 5R duly presented her with a fish and they spent the rest of the afternoon together. Here’s a clip of the two birds on the nest this evening – you can clearly see 00’s blue ring on her right leg. With 5R’s mate yet to return things could get very interesting in Manton Bay in the coming days; so why not come and see the drama unfolding at Lyndon? If you can’t make it over to Rutland Water, the good news is that the webcam is now online, meaning you can watch all the action from the comfort of your own home. The camera transmits from 6am-8pm each day.