Another arrival in Manton Bay!

The Manton Bay female, an unringed Scottish bird, has arrived back in Manton Bay; she is the third bird back in Rutland this Spring.

This is the fourth year she has returned to Rutland Water. In previous years 5R(04) has been here to greet her but this year she will just have join us in the wait for his return.

Since arriving at 11am this morning she has spent the last half hour on the nest, check out the webcam.

We’ll update you again this afternoon, and you never know we may even have news of more arrivals! Fingers crossed.

3 responses to “Another arrival in Manton Bay!”

  1. Valerie Webber

    Another great one – so pleased for you all

  2. ACE

    Welcome back Mrs5R!! Was it her on the nest for 5 mins from 10.35 with 00(09)? If so, she attacked 00(09)!!

  3. Buster

    Great to have her back safely. Come on 5R