Another day goes by

A fairly normal day in the life of the Manton Bay Ospreys. Maya and 33(11) have spent a lot of time on the nest today, and have been very active, back and forth with sticks and nest material. They are acting as though it is Spring and they must get the nest ready! Nest building is an instinct that lasts throughout the breeding season. Ospreys will often continue to bring nest material in right up until they migrate.

Here are a couple of videos of Maya doing some redecorating.

Maya tidying the nest

Maya tidying the nest

Saves time next year

Saves time next year!


There was an intruder in the Bay this morning, causing the pair to mantle on the nest, as seen in the video below. The intruding bird was unidentifiable, but was likely to be 2F(12) or 8F(12) again. 8F seems to like it here, so it was probably him!


So on the whole, a rather average day for a pair of Ospreys with no young. Do a bit of housework, chase off an intruder, hang about on the nest for a bit. The only thing missing from this normality is food. The Ospreys have not had a fish today, that we have seen on screen, anyway. There was an Osprey fishing in front of the Lyndon Visitor Centre at about 15:00, and I thought perhaps it was 33(11). He was there for quite some time, hovering above the water, and he made a few halfhearted attempts at diving, then he gave up and flew west, reinforcing my theory of his identity. When he landed on the nest a bit later he was fish-less, so an unsuccessful trip for him!

Maya and 33(11) looking about for intruders

Maya and 33(11) hanging around