Another new arrival…but this time she’s unringed

If you were watching the webcam yesterday, you may have seen a lot of this…

As soon as we saw both adults mantling on the nest, we knew there was an intruding Osprey in Manton Bay. In fact there were two. John was on the case and straight away he identified one as being 03(09), a three-year-old male, and the other was an unringed female that he had seen at Site B earlier in the day. Presumably from Scotland, this female was obviously the same intruder because she’s missing eight tail feathers – very unusual. When Ospreys moult, they will usually only lose one or two of their twelve tail feathers at a time so she must have had a close shave with something recently. Having not seen this bird last year, John is sure that she is a two-year-old returning to the UK for the first time. With all the eligible Rutland bachelors around, we may see her again in the not too distant future.

New unringed female with only four tail feathers

New unringed female

New unringed female having a good look at the Manton Bay nest

Manton Bay female chasing the unwanted visitor