Another new arrival!

For Rutland Ospreys, 2010 is proving to be a very good year. Following the recent arrivals of 28(10), 30(10) and 11(10),  a fourth two-year-old has returned home to Rutland Water. Yesterday evening John spotted a new female that he didn’t recognise and although she didn’t stay around long enough for him to have a clear view of her Darvic ring, she is either 25(10) or 26(10). We are hoping that the new arrival will follow in the footsteps of other youngsters and visit some of the nests. If she does, we should be able to identify who she is.  One thing is for sure, she is now the SIXTH Osprey from the class of 2010 to return to the UK. Fantastic news!

We have had no intruding Ospreys in Manton Bay today so the pair have just had to contend with very changeable weather. Despite the wind and the rain, 5R has managed to bring in three fish including a large Bream. Whilst the five-week-old chicks may not be aware of the new arrivals, their parents certainly will be. As we left the centre this evening we were treated to a view of the whole family, two full and content chicks and both adults sitting vigilantly on the nest.