Another return!

I always think that late March is just about the most exciting time of the Osprey season, and this year has got off to a brilliant start. Following 03(97)’s earliest-ever return to Site B on Sunday, a second Osprey arrived in Rutland this morning. 00(09) is 03’s daughter, and fledged from the Site B nest in 2009. She spent much of last summer exploring Rutland – and also Wales – in search of a mate and, judging by her very early arrival this spring, it looks like she is even more intent on breeding this year. At 8:10 she appeared over Manton Bay and alighted on the nest. She’s been there ever since, moving between the nest and the nearby perches. We wonder if the resident male 5R(04) will return to join her today? Last year he returned on, yes you guessed it, 19th March.

So…keep watching the webcam! We’ll have another update later in the day.

2 responses to “Another return!”

  1. Anita

    This is really great news and so glad he made the journey safely. Let’s hope all the other ospreys arrive safely too. So looking forward to watching the story unfold again this year! Thanks to all the team for their splendid and dedicated work for these magnificent birds!

  2. Anni Feeney

    How exciting ! It’s good to see yet another bird return to Rutland ! We cannot wait to get there and see the progression of the nests !