Another Return

The weather has been so good at Rutland Water this week that it is hard to believe it is only March! The Lyndon reserve was alive with bird song this morning as myself Ken Baker and Dave Cole set about re-felting the roof of Shallow Water hide (yet another last-minute job to get done!). Chiffchaffs seemed to have arrived by the dozen overnight, but a flock of Fieldfares reminded us that winter hasn’t quite lost its grip just yet.

As we worked there seemed every chance that we would see an Osprey. Sure enough as we were enjoying a welcome cup of coffee at 10:30, a female Osprey appeared over our heads. We willed her to drop down onto the nest, but instead she drifted off, paying little attention to the vacant nest and perches below. 

She didn’t go far. Later in the morning an unringed female -presumably the same bird – dropped on to the nest at Site B where she was greeted by 03(97). There is every chance that she is 03’s mate (who is unringed), but until John Wright has studied his photos of her underwings and head pattern, we won’t know for sure. The female has remained at Site B for the rest of the day, so if she isn’t 03’s mate and she lingers for a few days, things could get quite interesting!

There was at least one other Osprey around this afternoon, but we think that the third bird was probably a Scottish migrant who has taken advantage of the clear skies and continued north.

We will, of course, report further developments as they happen – so watch this space. Or, even better, why not come to Rutland Water this weekend? Last year 5R returned to the Manton Bay nest on 27th March, so given the excellent migration conditions of the past week, there seems every chance that he will be back over the next few days. For more on the Lyndon reserve, click and for directions check out

One response to “Another Return”

  1. barry potter

    nice to hear the birds are returning hope to catch up with old friends and osprey watchers the week before easter