Another Rutland Osprey returns home

When 06(09) returned to Rutland last week it meant that three of the nine chicks who fledged from nests in the Rutland Water area in 2009 had made it back. This roughly equates to the return rate of previous years and we were delighted. Surely we couldn’t expect any more?

Earlier this afternoon a male Osprey intruded at Site B and then Manton Bay. We didn’t get a positive ID, but we expected it to be 06(09). Half an hour after being chased away from Manton Bay, it landed on a vacant nest nearby; allowing John Wright to read the ring. Amazingly it wasn’t 06, or either of the other 2009 returnees. Instead it was blue/white 03. A male who fledged from Site N in 2009. This is absoultely brilliant news, not least because 03 is one of 08(97)’s chicks. We said when 08 disappeared in May that it would be a fantastic leagacy for him if one of his chicks returned, and now it has happened!

We’ll post more about 03’s return in the next couple of days.

3 responses to “Another Rutland Osprey returns home”

  1. Lynda Berry

    When I arrived at the hide just before 9am this morning there were two Ospreys quite high over the bridge – 5R and the female were not bothered about them. At 10.20am 5R flew up from the perch and came across – initially I thought that he was going to land on the dead tree in front of Waderscrape (Don had already told me that 5R had sat in the dead tree in front of Deep Water? / Tufted Duck hide.) He flew up and from the east end of Waderscrape, I looked high and saw another Osprey. They were circling for a couple of minutes and with visitors chatting, I lost which one was 5R. One flew south and the other flew towards Lyndon and towards the dam. It was 2hrs 5mins when 5R returned with a small roach. COULD that have been 03(09)??? We’ll never know.

  2. Valerie

    thrilled for you Tim and everyone at Rutland , sad things have happened but a lot of happy ones as well

  3. Jane Stubbington

    Wonderful news – delighted for everyone involved in the project. It must be so rewarding for you all – just jealous I can’t be there to see the returnees for myself, especially 03!