Another Sighting!

Another sighting!

We have some more wonderful news – another Rutland osprey chick from this season has been sighted! Osprey 2AB is a male chick who fledged this year from a nest in the Rutland area. He was spotted at the Somone Lagoon – an area in Senegal that the Rutland osprey team visited last season!

Unfortunately we don’t have a photograph of the bird himself, but here is his location on a map.


So far that’s two Rutland osprey chicks from the 2016 season who have been spotted elsewhere, 2AB in Senegal and 2AA in Portugal. 2AA is still in the same area in Portugal, on the Rio Tajo, or River Tagus, near Lisbon, which is clearly a good place to be. Here is a recent photograph of him, taken by Armando Marques.


Contrary to what the ring numbers may imply, these two juveniles were not from the same nest, but from two different nests in the Rutland Water area. For some reason the rings were not used in chronological order this year! 2AA is the son of 28(10), the lovable male osprey who attempted to breed with Maya in Manton Bay in 2014, and was chased away by 33(11). 28 has been breeding now for two years, and has raised a total of three chicks. 2AB is one of 5N(04)’s chicks, a well-known female osprey who first bred in Manton Bay in 2007. She is one of the legendary 03(97)’s many daughters, and has raised a total of 18 chicks in her ten years of breeding.

It’s brilliant to get reports of Rutland ospreys on their migration or wintering grounds, and we rely on sightings such as this to know where our birds are, as we cannot put GPS transmitters on all of them. Knowing that two juveniles from this year are safely settled for the winter is great news, and we hope these two will return in a couple of years!

Currently, Field Officer John Wright is out in Senegal doing surveys into the population of ospreys in the area. He has already seen some Rutland ospreys, such as 06(09) whose wintering location we were informed of last winter by Rafa Benjumea. Click here for more information.

John will be sending updates of his travels as and when he is able to do so, and we will be sure to keep the website updated with the information he sends!

Watch this space!


06(09) last winter