4K(13) 2019 migratory route

Bon voyage 4K!

The two Rutland satellite tagged ospreys, S1(15) and 4K(13) are well on their way to warmer climes.

S1(15) set off over a week earlier than 4K(13), and he is currently on the Bissagos Islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. 

S1(15) 2019 migratory route

4K started his own migratory journey on the 7th September. Six days in and he has traveled an astonishing 1,800 miles! 4K’s route to date has included an English Channel crossing via the Isle of Wight, a short flight over the Brittany peninsula, then instead of flying inland he took a short-cut across the Bay of Biscay into Spain. He has now reached the Atlas Mountains and is continuing in a south-westerly direction.

4K(13) 2019 migratory route

S1(15) and 4K(13) migratory journey to date

Wishing all the birds the best of luck on their migratory journeys.

BOW PARTY (Bye-bye Ospreys Week Party)

BOW PARTY (Bye-bye Ospreys Week Party)

What a year for the Rutland ospreys, with a record number of nests and chicks. As the weather begins to change with a distinctly “end of summer feel”, our four young Manton Bay ospreys are now on their way south to warmer climes, on their first migration.

At the Volunteer Training Centre another group of youngsters, no less than 21 of our Osprey Ambassadors representing the Rutland Osprey Project in our local schools, met for the last time this season. Some of these youngsters will migrate to new schools this week and all will take the latest end of season osprey news back to their schools and educational groups. Again a record number of Ambassadors and participating schools this year.

The BOW (Bye-bye Ospreys Week) party began with pictures and highlights of the Rutland Osprey year, a chance for all to play the “osprey migration game”, and a world premier screening of Ambassador Sam Newcomb’s Bird Fair interviews with Mike Dilger and Nick Baker. The “Brain of Osprey” quiz was close but Sam Newcombe and Harriet Ambler won the senior and junior prizes respectively with the highest scores – well done! Of course another highlight was Cake (our thanks go to Liz, Jo and Libby). Bird watching across lagoon 4 completed our afternoon with ambassadors and accompanying adults getting some great views of waterfowl and waders, including Avocet and Wood sandpiper.

World Osprey Week 23rd to 27th March will mark the start of the 2020 Rutland osprey season, when the birds migrate back to Rutland after over wintering in West Africa. We will meet our Ospreys Ambassadors again with some new faces joining this popular and very important part of our school education programme. If your school wants to be involved in 2020 let us know!

Thursday updates

At 07.45 this morning 33 returned from fishing with this huge roach! Maya promptly relieved him of it and all of the chicks stood up in anticipation of getting a good feed. However then no-one seemed to know quite what to do and we thought maybe the sheer size of the fish was just too overwhelming! However all became clear a few minutes later that Maya did not want to share as she proceeded to eat most of the fish herself!

Shortly afterwards all 6 members of the family were together again as 33 returned to the nest to mantle as there was another intrusion in the bay from one of the unpaired males from the area.

The sun has finally started to shine again here in Rutland and in particular Saturday is looking like a scorcher! At the time of writing there are still a few places left on our evening Osprey cruise so book now before they get snapped up!

Lloyd of the rings

Lloyd of the rings

Early this morning Lloyd our field officer and other staff members set out for the Manton Bay nest. The mission was to ring our fantastic four! All chicks were adorned with a grey BTO ring, and a blue coloured ring. By attaching rings to the birds we are able to gain information on their whereabouts, their age and where they hatched from.

We now have the latest Osprey additions: 054, 055, 056 and 057! Of the four chicks, two are female (now with ring 054 and 057) and two males (ring 055 and 056). 054 being the first to hatch and 057 being the fourth chick to hatch.

All photos by Dave Cole

They are all healthy and we look forward to seeing them take their first flight in the next few weeks!

Flapping in the rain

It’s been a soggy week for the Manton Bay chicks so we are glad to see they are all looking well!

The chicks are sleeping, preening, wing stretching and flapping far more often than previous weeks. In 2-3 weeks time they should be strong enough to make their first flight from the nest under Maya’s watchful eye.

This afternoon there were fish deliveries and more nest exploring. At around 3 pm we saw 33 and Maya mantling while the chicks close to the nest floor. There was an intruding osprey, and it was incredible to watch the Manton Bay pair working together.

Keep an eye on the fabulous parental teamwork and fantastic fours flapping on our webcam!