It’s about time!

Yesterday evening at 18.02pm, 33(11) finally returned to his breeding nest at Manton Bay! He was greeted by a patiently waiting Maya who arrived 9 days ago.

After half an hour of pottering around on the nest, they seemed more settled.

Today we have had a variety of nest squatters: egyption geese, a female mallard and our resident ospreys!

You would of thought 33 was exhausted from his strenuous migration but he was on top form dealing with an intruder and protecting his breeding site. Maya was also on the nest mantling over a half eaten fish which she eventually abandoned!

Hopefully calm will prevail, and 33 will get back to what he does best, nestoration!

Maya just after landing on the nest this morning

Maya is back!

Great news! Maya arrived back on the nest at 10.39 this morning (14th March). She battled wind speeds of up to 50mph to reach Manton Bay, and was only on the nest for a few minutes before disappearing again, presumably to find herself a meal.

Maya just after landing on the nest this morning

Seconds before she arrived, a pair of Egyptian Geese were cosily resting on the nest – not for long though! Maya is experienced in seeing off geese and today was no exception.

When Maya turned her head, we got to see the cross on the back of her head, which is her most distinguishing feature, since she is an unringed bird.

Maya arrived back on March 12th last year, and we were expecting her to be delayed this year due to the weather. She has surprised us all by turning up this early with storm Gareth raging over the reservoir. Maya’s mate 33 arrived back on this day last year, so we are now keeping our fingers crossed for his safe return too! Keep your eyes on the webcam as he could get back any time now.