Scrapping for food!

The food begging from all four fledglings continues, when 33 brings in fish, there are tussles between the youngsters. Yesterday 056 and 057 were scrapping over a large trout.

Early evening, another trout was brought in and 054, 055, 056 and 057 were determined to take the catch – it was 055 who succeeded!

At lunchtime today 33 yet again delivered to 055 and 057.

Maya dropped onto the nest as 057 was feasting.

All four fledgings and their parents are still here in Manton Bay.

Our osprey family are still here!

Our four fledglings are food begging almost constantly and although not always on the nest, they can be found perching on their favourite roosts around Manton Bay. The last fish to be delivered, a large trout, came in at 8.30pm, courtesy of 33.  Maya immediately lay claim to it, despite 055 looking expectantly at the catch.

This morning, three of the fledglings 054, 056 and 057 were on the nest – a little windblown – hoping that 33 might drop by, they may well have to wait for an evening meal……

Food Battles

There has been great footage from the camera today.  Early this morning, Maya landed on the nest platform, followed by 055 then 054.   Then 33 suddenly appeared with a trout, Maya took it and flew away to eat in peace.

Maya returned later with the remains of the trout and was greeted by three fledglings, as 055 and 054 had now been joined by 057.  A tug of war ensued – these are hungry birds – and despite being the youngest, it was 057 who won the meal.

Later in the morning 054 was feasting as 055, 056 and Maya looked on.  The food begging calls gradually increased as 33 could be seen flying over the water towards the nest and in the mad scramble, it was 055 who was victorious!

All four fledglings and their parents have all been feeding well and have been seen around the nest site throughout the day.

A blustery day at Manton Bay

The weather has yet again been challenging for the ospreys. Yesterday’s rain showers have been replaced by blustery conditions in Manton Bay, the family have continued to feed through the day and have all been seen around the nest site.

Yesterday 33 arrived at the nest with a trout


Today Maya was on the nest feeding the fledglings

As the gusts of wind battered the nest today, Maya and 055 landed next to 057


Jostling for food!

The period between fledging and migration is a very important one for our four youngsters, exploratory flights and feeding are the order of the day.  The young will be feeding as often as possible to gain weight and be in good condition before they migrate.  33 is still bringing food for the young who are constantly food begging, if you visit us and wander down towards the nest site, you can clearly hear the fledglings demanding to be fed!

Yesterday when 33 delivered a large trout our female 054 and male 055 fledglings, were both keen to grab the morning’s catch.  o55 won that particular battle.

Earlier today the two young males, 055 and 056 were calling, in the footage they both turned around to anticipate 33’s arrival.  As he swept onto the nest, 056 immediately took the roach that had been brought in, but hardly gave his father an opportunity to let go of his catch!

As 33 struggled to release the fish, it allowed us to see how the osprey’s lanky legs, which, when fishing, allow it to reach down to a depth of almost a metre into the water as they make the strike on their prey.

All four fledglings have been seen around the nest site today with their parents and despite the tussles for food are all feeding well.