Autumn Already

The past few days we have had beautiful weather, although we are starting to feel the nip of autumn in the air. This has meant that lots of the Rutland ospreys are starting to move off away from Rutland and back to their wintering grounds. This includes the Manton Bay female Maya, she was last seen yesterday morning; she is most likely already on her way to her wintering grounds, maybe somewhere in southern England or northern France already. 33(11) the Manton Bay male has been in the bay today but it doesn’t look like he will be here much longer, this morning he caught a massive trout, which no doubt means he’s stocking up before the long migration.

Last week 6K, one of the young males, was spotted on lagoon 4 with an unringed female, both were showing signs of bonding at the nest. Both birds have now left, but it shows great promise for next year.

Another Rutland bird spotted at the beginning of August was male T7(16), a Manton Bay chick, this was very exciting news, as this bird has not been seen in the UK since his first migration. The bird was spotted down in Devon, let’s hope he makes it back up here for next year’s breeding season.

As for the satellite birds the young S1 is powering over Southern Europe, and yesterday morning crossed over towards Morocco at the strait of Gibraltar, it’s going be interesting to see where he goes next! Before he made his trip down into Africa, he stopped off in Southern Spain at the Embalse de Cordobilla at a wetland reserve in the Andalusia region of Spain.

S1- 30th-31st

S1- 30th-31st Stop Over

S1- 30th

As for 30 and 4K the current data shows that both are still in the vicinity of Rutland, although with such beautiful weather, it is possible they will be leaving anytime!