AW at his winter home

The latest data from AW’s radio proves that he has reached his winter home. Having roosted in the mangroves 500m from the shoreline on Friday evening, the GPS position at 8am showed him fishing just over 3km out to sea. An hour later he was back in the mangroves, presumably eating the fish.

 Like most adult Ospreys at their established wintering site, AW will probably spend the winter in a very small area – using the same perches each day. It will be really interesting to follow his daily routine over the coming months.

AW fishing 3km out to sea

2 responses to “AW at his winter home”

  1. Jill Wenble

    Many thanks to Tim for keeping us so well informed. I’ve learnt far more about migration (and a fair bit about the geography of Africa) through following this than anything I’ve seen or read before. Will the satellite tracking enable you to know when these birds begin their journey back next spring and so give you an idea of when to expect them at Rutland?

    1. Tim

      Hi Jill,

      Really pleased to hear you’ve enjoyed following the birds south. Yes we’ll be able to follow them all the way back to Rutland in the spring – it will be very exciting!