AW has made it to Guinea – and probably his winter home

Just after 3pm yesterday AW arrived on the Guinea coast 75 kilometres south of the border with Guinea-Bissau. On every other day of his fourteen day migration to West Africa he has flown until early evening, but yesterday was different. He spent the rest of the afternoon in a small area of mangroves, making one short flight to fish. It looks like he has reached his winter home.

AW's movements on the Guinea coast

Earlier in the morning AW hadn’t left his roost site until after 9am. He was fishing in the River Corubal at 7am and then must have spent a couple of hours eating it. He obviously knew that there was no need to rush.

By 10am he was heading south at 17kph and he crossed the border into Guinea just after 11am. At this point he switched to a south-easterly heading and this took him to the coast. He arrived just after 3pm after a day’s flight of just under 200km.

AW's flight, 9th September

If AW has reached his wintering site, then it has taken him just 14 days to get there; surely one of the fastest Osprey migrations recorded anywhere in the world? He covered 5274km (3277 miles) on his two week journey, an average of 376km a day. What an incredible migration.

AW's migration to Guinea - 27th August-9th September

2 responses to “AW has made it to Guinea – and probably his winter home”

  1. Sally Bell

    What a shame we won’t know the wintering grounds for his “misses”. Maybe he said he was leaving first as he had a the longer journey!

  2. Elaine Ratcliffe

    A Fascinating migration, thank you