AW reaches Guinea-Bissau, now how much further?

As we suspected, AW continued south through Senegal yesterday; skirting the eastern border of Gambia, and eventually roosting next to the River Corubal close to the Guinea-Bissau-Guinea border.

Having roosted in central Senegal AW set off again just before 9am and flew 150 kilometres south-west towards Tambacounda, the largest city in eastern Senegal. He skirted around the city at 2pm and turned slightly south-east, passing over the very eastern tip of Gambia. He continued on this course until 6pm when he turned south west as he crossed the border from Senegal into Guinea-Bissau. He continued for another 68km before stopping beside the River Corubal as dusk was falling at around 7:30pm after a day’s flight of just over 350km.

AW's flight, 8th September

The River Corubal is 150 metres wide and bordered by mangroves; typical over-wintering habitat for Ospreys in West Africa. On our trip to West Africa last winter myself and the team from Rutland Water saw numerous Ospreys perched in this sort of habitat. The resolution on the Google Earth images for this part of Guinea-Bissau isn’t good, but AW’s position at 9pm suggest that he roosted on an island in the river.

It is not inconceivable that AW has reached his winter home but the fact that he was flying right up until dark suggests thast he may well continue further south tomorrow. If he does then he could be in southern Guinea or perhaps even Sierra Leone by tomorrow evening!

AW's roost, 8th September

3 responses to “AW reaches Guinea-Bissau, now how much further?”

  1. Ken Whiting

    Ooooooo ! Getting nervous now, will he get to his destination safe and sound ? I suppose considering how far he’s gone to date, the rest is a walk in the park. Happy landing AW.

  2. Frederic Bacuez


    28 hours in Senegal, what a “disaster” for me and the north Senegal !…
    Regards. Frederic.

    In french on my blog:

    1. Tim

      Hi Fred,
      Great to hear from you. We were all hoping that AW would come and visit you in Bango, but no such luck. Let’s hope 09 will pay you a visit. Thank you very much for sposnosoring me for the marathon by the way – I’m very grateful.

      Best wishes from us all at Rutland Water.