AW reaches Madrid

Although all of yesterday’s data is not yet in, what we have so far shows that AW roosted 30km north of Madrid last night after a day’s flight of around 400km from his previous roost just north of the French/Spanish border.

On Monday evening (see update below)  AW continued migrating until around 6pm when non-GPS positions suggested that he settled to roost a few kilometres north of the France-Spain border, just east of the village of Louhossoa. By following a south-westerly course he had avoiding crossing the Pyrenees and instead roosted at an altitude of 200m after a day’s migration of 425km. He was now just 25km from the French coast.

Next morning AW made another early start – was already flying SW at 29kph at 6am. He may have missed the Pyrenees but an hour later he was crossing the Aralar Massif in northern Spain, skirting a peak of more than 4000 feet.

Flight through Aralar Massif

At 8am he was circling west Vitoria another 30km SW.
We are still waiting for the GPS data for the middle of the day, but we do know that by 3pm he was over 200km south, flying SSW at 17kph. He continued migrating for another two hours at an average speed of around 25kph before stopping for the night a few kilometres north east of Madrid. He probably fished a small lake in the valley of the Rio Torote before roosting in a copse beside the river. He had flown at least 400km in 11.5 hours. We’ll update the Google Earth data once the full data set comes in later today.

AW's roost site 30 August

AW's flight through Spain to Madrid

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  1. linda leatham

    I have had a wonderful time watching your cam and coming over to see the birds. we were lucky enough to come on the Sunday when all five birds were perched near the nest. AW’s flight is soooooo exciting though. keep up the good work. excellent stuff.