AW reaches Mauritania

By 2pm yesterday afternoon AW had reached Mauritania. Having left his overnight roost in the northern Sahara just before 9am he made excellent progress south west, maintaining average speeds of around 50kph at altitudes of around 300 feet. He is now flying across one of the most remote, inhospitable places on the planet and will be attempting to cross as fast as possible. The sheer size of the Sahara is put into perspective when you consider that he is still 1000km north of Senegal. AW’s flight south though shows that he knows exactly what he is doing and it is not inconceivable that he will have crossed the desert by tomorrow evening.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more news and will add the points to Google Earth once the full data set is in.  

AW's flight south west across the Sahara 4/9

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  1. John Cheney

    Hi Tim.
    Thank you for keeping us updated, it is great to be able to follow your Ospreys through the year and know where they are.
    Thanks again, John.