Barking up the wrong tree

Today is day ten of incubation in Manton Bay and it has passed very peacefully – just the way we would hope things to be at this time of year. It gives us a chance to look back on a funny incident that we managed to capture on camera on Friday last week. Like today it had been a fairly quiet day in the centre and we spent much of the day willing the Manton Bay female off her nest so we could all try and be the first to spot the illusive third egg.

And whilst we weren’t treated to number three until Saturday morning we were all kept amused by the female in the nest. In the early afternoon we noticed some very strange head shaking and on closer inspection she had a piece of tree bark stuck onto the end of her beak. She got more and more frustrated over the 15 minutes that she sat vigorously trying to shake it off. Eventually she flew off with it still attached and returned a few minutes later having finally got rid of the offending item.

So whilst her pin sharp beak is invaluable for ripping off bits of fish, on this occasion it was hindrance to her nest tidying.