Batten down the hatches!

With rain, sleet and snow across Central England and Wales and very strong north-easterly winds, it makes you wonder why Ospreys leave their wintering grounds in West Africa. Especially when Rutland looks like this…

The view from the Lyndon Visitor Centre


The Manton Bay pair have spent most of their time sheltering from the adverse weather but 5R has ventured out to prove that his fishing skills are still top notch. If you followed the website last year you will know that 5R was a fishing machine, sometimes catching up to six fish a day. It looks as though he will carry that title for another year even on days like today when Rutland Water looks like a choppy North Sea. Ospreys look for fish by hovering over the water and even with their eyesight being 16 times better than ours, the thought of one being able to catch in this weather is almost impossible. But 5R has done just that! He has been a perfect gentleman and brought his mate a fish this morning. So while the pair (5R on the left, female on the right) are battening down the hatches, at least they’re doing it on a full stomach.