Beak to beak..

The Manton Bay nest really is starting to fill up now the chicks are heading into their 5th week, and we can really start to see some of that fantastic helicoptering behaviour going on, as well as Maya and 33 both working hard to keep the chicks well fed, and even some mantling behaviour due to a couple of intruding Ospreys.

Early this morning, as it is now getting light at 4.30am, the chicks were up and moving around the nest, basically pushing Maya out of bed to go and fish for their breakfast. There was a lot of excitement in the nest when she brought back a roach for them. The two older chicks gathered at the front of the nest to warm up for their brekfast, exercising their flight muscles and clearing out their digestive system before sitting down to their meal!

Whilst the feeding was underway, 33 arrived with another fish at the edge of the nest, took one look at the chaotic breakfast affair, and decided to go and eat the fish elsewhere in peace!

As the chicks rolled around the nest after their feed, Maya took off to give her and the chicks a little breathing space. She returned a little while later with more nesting material: a rather large stick which she crow-barred into the nest, taking no care of which chicks she bumped on the head as she arranged it to her liking! Thanks mom!

it’s a lovely bright day here at Lyndon finally, and with any luck we’ll see some more fish brought into the nest and the chicks practicing their helicoptering skills more and more!

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  1. SheilaFE

    A lovely blog, and super vids! Thank you. They are such a wonderful family.