Beautiful dawn

Yesterday morning, we had a wonderful dawn chorus walk at the Lyndon Nature Reserve. It was a bit of a chilly start, but the sun was out and the sky was blue. The birds dutifully sang to our hardy crowd of early risers, filling the cool morning with melody. The event ended on a high note with a wonderful breakfast! What a lovely way to begin May! Many thanks to Paul Stammers, John Wright, Lloyd Park and Fran Payne for making this event run smoothly and successfully.

Lyndon reserve at dawn

Lyndon reserve at dawn


In Manton Bay, our wonderful osprey pair continue to bring delight to visitors! 33 is a particular attraction, making people smile with his caring behaviour and willingness to sit on the nest with Maya and incubate the eggs. He is still catching plenty of fish, and feeding himself and Maya well. He will undoubtedly be a star once again when the chicks come along – it should only be another couple of weeks before hatching happens!

Here are some videos and photos from the past few days.

Together Snuggled up 2 Together


On the other side of the reserve, the ospreys on lagoon four are also beginning to look settled. There are no eggs there yet, but the signs indicate the pair could breed. Here is another fabulous video by Dave Cole of the pair over there. Thank you Dave for this!



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  1. Cirrus

    What terricic wildlife chorus(es). A magnificent video and Blog. Thank you so very much.