Beauty blossoms

What a beautiful day it has been! The warm sunshine was a welcome change from the bitter winds of recent days. Here is the sunrise on the wide angle camera this morning!


This time of year is wonderful, and out on the reserve we have the wild garlic beginning to bloom, emitting its delicious scent, and the bluebells are blossoming in Gibbet’s Gorse, spreading across the woodland floor and looking amazing!


Bluebell wood

We have been welcoming many visitors to the centre once again today, with our friendly staff and volunteers on hand to give talks and advice. Here is Information Officer Holly Hucknall giving an introductory talk on the Osprey Project to a group of students from Nottingham Trent University.

Holly talk

The ospreys have also been entertaining visitors, mostly with deliveries of sticks and clumps of hay to line their nest!

At about 15:20 today Maya brought in what looked like the roots of a reed! Perhaps this was floating in the water and she thought it would make a nice addition to the nest. It makes a change for 33 to be the one looking in shock at a stick!

Maya's reed

After bringing this watery decoration, Maya appeared to want to incubate, and was sidling up to 33. Eventually she went to walk behind him and stood on his tail! That worked.

33 caught a perch and delivered it to Maya at about 13:05. It was rather small and she was back on the nest incubating after 20 minutes.

Maya takes fish

Later on 33 brought in another perch, a slightly larger one, at 16:39.

Perch number two

He caught a much bigger fish, this time a trout, at 18:30 yesterday evening, as you can see from the video below.

33's trout

Those four eggs are being kept as warm as possible – Maya and 33 do a fantastic job of ensuring one of them is incubating at all times, and sometimes they both want to incubate at the same time!

I want to incubate

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  1. Mike Simmonds

    Keep ’em coming Kayleigh. Great stuff.