Before the Rain

The first rain shower of the day has just started in Manton Bay, lucky it’s only a fine drizzle, the wind is still and it’s mild, hopefully, this means it won’t be too miserable up on the Manton Bay nest this evening.

It’s been a fairly typical day in Manton Bay; this morning Maya enjoyed a roach, while the chicks had a lie-in. Maya and 33 seemed to be having a competition over who could bring in the best nesting material, personally I think 33 wins as Maya’s was just a cowpat!

The chicks are starting to get more active, the odd head is popping up every now and again. Later on in the morning all three chicks grouped together in chorus to let Maya know they were now ready for their breakfast. They didn’t have to wait long for 33 to answer this call and he has kept the fish coming all day.

Another beautiful sunrise this morning!