Begin again

Maya and 33 have had a great year once again, raising two healthy chicks and bringing their total number of chicks raised to eight! 2AN and 2AM were incredibly well fed youngsters, making them strong and ready for their autumn migration to southern climes.

Last season, the final juvenile left on 24th August, and we thought that the adults would leave soon after. However, Maya didn’t leave until 6th September, and 33 left on 8th September. One of the reasons is possibly due to the continued need for nest protection. Even though it’s the end of the season, the Manton Bay pair won’t want to risk having to fight for their nest next year, should an osprey decide they like it and try to claim it as their own next spring. There are still some ospreys in the area currently, though many have departed, and there have been a few intrusions at the nest site in recent days.

Since their young departed, the adult ospreys appear to have reverted back to spring behaviour. Yesterday, Maya flew into the nest, then not long afterwards 33 landed on her back and tried to mate with her! She shrugged him off, so the attempt was unsuccessful.

Then today we saw a lot of nest building behaviour, and 33 even started scraping out the nest!

Plus Maya has gone back to sitting on the nest and shouting for food, even though she has caught several fish for herself and the juveniles since they fledged.

Ospreys’ actions are heavily influenced by their instincts, and the stimuli around them. An empty nest and the absence of chicks seems to have pushed their instincts into overdrive (particularly 33’s), and they are behaving as though the season is just beginning! We know that their instincts to migrate will soon set in, the only question is when, and therefore how much longer will they remain in Manton Bay…

Another osprey who’s migration instincts have not yet kicked in is 30(05), our satellite-tagged bird! She left on 30th August last season, so we are keeping a close eye on her data and will let you know as soon as she sets off!

Maya and 33




3 responses to “Begin again”

  1. Sal Lloyd

    Dear Kayleigh,

    A massive heartfelt thank you for the many hours of riveting reading you have provided this Summer. I am an occasional visitor to Rutland being a distance away, and always have to tear myself away when I leave, so I thank you again.

    If there was an award for the best Osprey blog in the whole country, you would win it hands down!!

    All the very best to you and all over the seasonal changes. Until next year, God bless

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Sal, thank you very much for your kind words! Holly and I have enjoyed writing the blogs and are glad you enjoyed them. Very best wishes, Kayleigh.

  2. Jenny Still

    This is always an amazing time of year – the delight at the ospreys’ progression and success and the sadness they will soon be gone. Consolation that all the winter birds will be on their way back, so never a dull moment. Thanks to the team for another great season. It’s been really interesting as always.