Being a nuisance…

With all the recent eggcitement at Site B and the anticipated hatching in Manton Bay, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we have four unattached three year-old Ospreys in Rutland. Every now and again one of them will briefly visit one of the other nests almost as though they’re keeping an eye on proceedings. Today one of the young males decided that just having a sneak peek wasn’t enough and after circling above the nest 06(09) managed to land very briefly on the edge next to the incubating female. As soon as she stood up he was off, soon to be chased away by 5R but it wasn’t long before he returned and landed on the french perch with both adults mantling on the nest below him. In the video you can see the camera wobble when 06 lands on the french perch, and again when he takes off after being dislodged by the female as 5R remains to protect the eggs.

After being chased away by 5R several times 06 soon got the message and moved to a dead tree close to the hide but 5R later decided that he’d had enough and forcefully evicted the young male. Peace and quiet was eventually restored in Manton Bay.

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