Big sticks and snuggles

On this very blustery, undecided Thursday, which can’t make up its mind whether to rain or shine, up at Osprey HQ we’re busy preparing the fort for the imminent egg hatching season which is only a few weeks away. From our predictions, astrological calculations and general Osprey biological knowledge we are expecting our first eggs to hatch in the second week of May. This is a really vital time for our resident celebrity pair of Ospreys and Maya and 33 have been showing signs of devotion, practical housekeeping and protectiveness over their brood and towards each other. Following the intrusion of their privacy over easter weekend by another bird, the pair are settling back down to normal again, and have been huddled together on the nest all night and this morning. 

2 responses to “Big sticks and snuggles”

  1. Lin Rogers

    Thank you for the reassuring report Marie – was quite worried at the time. Do we know ‘who’ it was?
    Keep up your enjoyable blogs!\

  2. Suzie

    Please could you tell us if 28/10 has come home this year?!