Bill Oddie drops in to see the Ospreys…

We were very lucky this morning to be visited by Bill Oddie! Bill came to the centre to check the progress of the Osprey project so far this year. He was shown some highlights of the season from hatching to fledging and he also enquired about the growth of the project since 2001. When we mentioned the Scottish population had now risen to over 200 pairs, Bill commented “How will Tim (Appleton) cope with 200 pairs at Rutland Water?!” Never a dull moment for the Rutland Osprey Project!

2 responses to “Bill Oddie drops in to see the Ospreys…”

  1. Julie waterman

    was at Rutland the day before the eggs hatched,had lovely chat with two of your volenteers although weather was bad we watched the female osprey having a clean up at the waters edge!we were all thrilled.have been watching the web cam every day its been available its a privilidge thankyou,and whilst we were there from Ringwood in New Forest.we hoper to visit again and badger watch.

  2. Melonie Pckering

    This is the man who started my interest in birds many many moons ago! Listening to him identify birds just by their song set me off wondering if I could ever learn to do the same thing.
    The answer is YES, I did learn, and am still learning, but to know a chiffchaff from a chaffinch by their song is a wonderful thing.
    So thanks Bill……….I, and I’m sure an awful lot of other people…….owe you a huge thanks for our love of all things feathered!