Birdfair 2012

As Birdfair 2012 draws to a close the visitor centre at Lyndon is still full of visitors. Some of whom we see regularly and others who have heard about the project for the first time this weekend.

After a busy day wondering around hot & humid tents amid crowds of people what better way to end the day than with a relaxing walk down to Waderscrape or Shallow Water hide to sit and watch the Manton Bay Ospreys.

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and thank you to all of you who came to visit us at the stand; it has been great to meet the enthusiastic followers of the project and everyone who has tuned in to the webcam over the summer to watch the Manton Bay family. Equally enjoyable has been talking to those who were hearing about the Rutland Ospreys for the first time; the interest in the Ospreys and their imminent migration to West Africa was really encouraging.

Birdfair TV has been out and about around the fair all weekend. On Thursday they spoke to Tim Mackrill and joined him and Simon King aboard the Rutland Belle on the first of the Osprey Cruises. Click here to see the video, along with the many others taken over the course of the weekend

Finally, a huge thank you to our dedicated bunch of volunteers who have helped us out over the weekend, from manning the stand, selling books to raise money for our West Africa Project, helping out in the centre & talking to visitors and to those who have spent a very warm few days in the hides showing as many people as possible the Ospreys in Manton Bay. Without your help and enthusiasm it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable for either us or the visitors.