Birds and boats

This morning we hosted our last dawn osprey cruise of the 2016 season! Despite the wind it was a pleasant morning, with the sun just trying to peek its way out of the clouds. We had a view of three ospreys over the dam almost as soon as we left the harbour! Gradually the sun began to break through, illuminating the fields in the distance as we scoured the shores for ospreys. As always, we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast after the cruise! Thank you very much to everyone who helped on the boat and with breakfast.

IMG_0811 - PaulBreakfast

We only have three cruises left! These are all afternoon ones and the dates are:

Wednesday 10th August

Saturday 13th August

Saturday 27th August

Click the links above to join us for what promises to be wonderful experience on Rutland Water!


The ospreys in Manton Bay have been putting on a great show again! A large fish this morning meant that T6 and T7 were present on the nest for quite a long time – T6 was eating the fish and T7 was very impatiently waiting her turn! Since her adventure at the beginning of the month, T6 has been very possessive over fish, hanging onto them even when she’s not actually eating them! T7’s perseverance paid off and she was able to take the tail end of the fish when T6 eventually let it go!


Recently there have been several intrusions over the bay by other ospreys. There are a number of possible individuals the intruders could have been. The breeding females are no longer tied to their nests looking after vulnerable chicks, and many have begun fishing again. Often, females have been known to fly around looking at other nest sites, being nosy! There are several non-breeding birds around, and now there are also 15 juveniles in the area, gaining in confidence on the wing! Today there was another brief intrusion in Manton Bay, but the two birds stayed high and disappeared fairly quickly.