Birds on film

The Ospreys have been very active again today, and all five have been present in the bay for most of the day. 33 did all of his fishing early in the morning again, and we had a repeat of Sunday, where there were too many fish to go around! It’s great that the juveniles are being so well cared for, and this abundance of food stands them in good stead for their migration in a few weeks’ time.

Here is another superb video filmed by Dave Cole. This video contains a brilliant assortment of Osprey footage, and also shows some of the other wildlife that can be seen from Shallow Water hide on the Lyndon Nature Reserve. Many thanks to Dave for this and all of his other videos.

In other news, a few weeks ago George Peach, Director of IEPUK, ran his first half-marathon to raise money for the project’s education work in Gambia. We’re incredibly grateful to George – a long-standing supporter of the project – for raising over £300. This money will enable us to run field trips for students at five Gambian schools this winter, led by Junkung Jadama. You can read more about George’s run on the IEPUK website. To read more about the project’s work in Gambia, click here.

George with his wife Julie and son Rupert at the finish

George with his wife Julie and son Rupert at the finish

2 responses to “Birds on film”

  1. Jana

    What can we say ? Sooo grateful for this aid to sanity in a mad world , the photography spectacular, dedication 100% , , just a pleasure for extreme old age through the wonders of the tyrant Internet..

  2. Lynette Foster

    fascinating film and a great credit to Dave for sharing it with us