Blooming lovely

The weather today has been absolutely glorious! Tomorrow looks set to follow in the same vein, too, which is brilliant! The reserve really is coming to life now, with primroses, lesser celandine, bluebells and ground-ivy flowering by the visitor centre, the wonderfully pungent scent of wild garlic emanating from the rows of ramsons by the track outside the centre, and the emergence of blooms on the blackthorn and hawthorn in the hedgerows on the reserve trails. I love this time of year, when all the wild flowers are making an appearance, it’s beautiful and enthralling.

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33 caught three rather small fish today, the first two of which were too small to share, and he did not bring them to the nest. He didn’t neglect Maya, though – he brought the third fish straight to her without eating any of it, and happily took over incubation duties.

33 enjoying incubating

Around mid-morning, Maya’s incubation stint was interrupted by a pair of Egyptian geese who flew too close to the nest for her liking. She rose from the eggs and shouted at them as they passed by! She watched them disappear, and decided that was enough and she didn’t need to chase them further. The ospreys really do not like the geese, and have been chasing them away each time they land in the bay.

As well as all the fish, 33 has brought some more sticks to the nest today. Here he is bringing in a nice big one and trying to position it. Maya took this as an invitation to swap over, and left 33 on the nest to incubate. He, of course, didn’t mind in the slightest!

33 with stick

33 landing with the stick


33 moving the stick